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It’s alive! And only 99¢!

AssumeThePosition_200Get ASSUME THE POSITION now: / / Kobo / AllRomanceEbooks

Just 99¢!

Sex, drugs, and a blinding reaction. Can false arrest lead to true love?

Detective Tyler Colt meant to arrest the rent boy—really, he did—but finds himself taking the pretty young man home instead. Then Det. Colt meant just to kiss the boy, just once. Just to calm him down. But one thing leads to another and the next thing he knows… Colt’s naked and blind! Just what has this kid done to him?

Next up are handcuffs, hospital visits and a heartfelt apology. Given their rocky start, can our two guys live happily ever after?

A sexy m/m contemporary cop romance (previously published as Lust in Translation in the charitable anthology I Do from MLR Press)

Short story, approx. 55 pages. Available in digital format.


Particular favourites include… Assume the Position by Storm Grant (where a hooker isn’t entirely what he seems and a cop gets rather more than he bargained for)… Anne Brooke

Assume the Position is the best story for the anthology…. What a fresh and original story. The story had great characterization, not only just filled with some steamy sex scenes and overall just a great piece. This is another author to look out for. Rainbow Reviews

This story contains a lot of good qualities such as strongly written action scenes, vivid sensory detail, and male characters who seem like believable men. Obsidian Bookshelf

From a one night stand to something more is only a brief path, in a very nice and mostly funny story. Elisa Rolle


His years working Vice led him by habit through the dirtiest sections of town, the parts the tourist brochures never mention, but the tourists often found anyway.

Neon signs advertising pawn shops and discount liquor stores glowed dimly behind metal grates. Boarded-up, burned-out buildings lined one entire block. Shot-out streetlamps stood uselessly like blind watchmen. Great lakes of rainwater formed on the road where clumps of wet garbage blocked the sewers. The smell of rotting filth overpowered the pine-fresh scent of the little air freshener dangling from the mirror. Neither hooker nor john ventured out on a night like this.

Tyler white-knuckled the steering wheel, his SUV hydroplaning around the corner. “Goddamn it!” He cursed the road, the SUV, the weather and most of all his Goddamn friends who’d convinced him to meet them for drinks and then begged off. “You’re all a bunch of wimps!” he yelled at the road.

He drove cautiously through the storm, unable to remember the last time he’d seen weather this crappy. Must have been a couple years back, at least. He’d been on stakeout and—

He slammed on the brakes so violently his seatbelt locked, knocking the air from his lungs. The car fishtailed wildly out of control. Skidding sideways, the vehicle finally came to a stop just inches from the bedraggled guy meandering in the street in front of him. The drunk or whatever staggered straight into his SUV even though he’d come to a halt. He careened off the bumper only to wander into the other lane.

Continued . . .

So not Spring in the air then, but a helluva lot more snow!

And to think, earlier this week I could have sworn Spring was in the air. Here’s how accurate my weather sense is, taken this morning at the dog park:


A bush bent to the ground under the weight of the wet snow. And:


Heading down into the park behind Sunnybrook Hospital complex. This is mid-town Toronto. You’d think I was somewhere up north in cottage country.

Storm Watch

Stormy wistfulWe are expecting bad weather, but I’m posting about our new old dog, Storm. We’ve now had him about four months–that’s as long as he was in the dog pound.

He’s fitting in well, with the tiny, unimportant, miniscule downside that he still pees in the house when left alone.

But we loves him, so he stays. Here he is looking particularly wistful:

“If only I could have another treat.” ::sigh::

New dog: Day 64

Stormy Day 64New dog Stormy and old dog Billie continue get along, although Billie, the female, is definitely the alpha. Stormy is happy to leave the decision-making to her. (Wish he’d convince Mr. Grumpy of that wisdom.)

At first I thought Stormy was the cleverest dog evah. He appeared to know nothing when we got him, but quickly learned “sit” and “come”. After a few panicky moments and one actual disappearance, he now walks close on the dog trails. I can safely take him off leash and not worry about him running away. That leaves my mind free to figure out what happens next in The Reluctant Reaper series.

Then puppy class started. The instructor warned us that the older a dog is, the slower he is to learn, well, new tricks. I was sure this wouldn’t be the case because he’d learned “sit” and “come” so quickly.

Three weeks of intensive training and he hasn’t learned “down” yet. So obviously, the reason he took to “sit” and “come” so quickly is that he must have known them before. I would love to know his history, but sadly, he was abandoned in a parking lot, unfixed and with tarter-covered teeth.

So sadly, Stormy isn’t the smartest bark in the park after all. But still very, very sweet and very, very cute. Especially with his newly cleaned teeth.


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