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Get your Murder, Mayhem and Mystery here!

Guardian Angel. Stalker. It’s a fine line.
Read “Summer Stalk” in the crime-filled anthology, “Villainous Vacations” now available for pre-order.

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EXCERPT: Conner stares into his locker, leaning forward as far as he can without actually climbing inside.

She steps closer, squeezing his arm.

I step closer, too. Pushing off the wall, I redirect and head over to the glass display case, pretending to read the dusty trophies. A bead of sweat tickles the hollow of my spine.

“I hear your parents are out of town. Want me to come over tonight?” Cheryl’s lips flap like huge, pulpy wings. At least they do in the distorted reflection in the big brass trophy.

Oh, look. We won the Kiwanis Festival in 1992.

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A different kind of passion…

A crime of passion. Also pre-meditated. And accidental. And historical. And paranormal And real life. In fact, this exciting new anthology contains 11 different kinds of crimes. Me? My Gina X. Grant penname has a twisty little tale titled, “Summer Stalk.” The antho launches in June, and here’s the cover and the awesome author line-up:

V VcoverEbookMED

My stalker story is creeping me out…

eyes in the night

I thought, “Stalker. Guardian angel. It’s a fine line, really.”

Who better to protect you than someone who’s watching you all the time anyway?

But, gahhhh! The story is seriously creepifying. It’s for a mystery/crime anthology. May think about changing it.

Oddly, writing this one is like pulling teeth, and yet… it’s writing itself. I did not know there were multiple stalkers when I started writing. Hmmm.




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