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I won! I won! But I almost got missed! #AADSAV

FEW ARE CHOSEN won Best YA Short Story of 2012 here at Authors After Dark’s Bookie Awards!  But I almost got skipped!

I had a blast at the Bookie Awards ceremony. I invited myself to sit at the Torquere table and the evening started out witFewAreChosenh the two owners getting up to say a few words (they were the sponsors of the event) and getting engaged right there on the podium. The crowd went bonkers! We all cried for their joy!

Then MC Mary Janice Davidson–who is a huge influence on my writing–got up and was very funny. The next presenter got up and said, first they made you cry, then they made you laugh, what am I supposed to do now? Which made us all laugh.

Then they began to present in earnest category after category, Stella Price, organizer extraordinaire had arranged it so the first categories announced were the ones where the winners were present. So when they skipped over BEST YA SHORT STORY OF 2012, I assumed I hadn’t won. Oh, well. But I’m not bitter.

Then they went swiftly through the remaining categories and when my name was called everyone at my table yelled, but she’s here. She’s here! Apparently the registration was in my Gina X. Grant name and not Storm Grant, who’d actually won. But they let me make my wee acceptance speech (under 60 seconds was the mandate). They didn’t have a physical award for me but they’re going to mail one to me.

My acceptance speech was about how, when I’d first started writing slash fanfic and then m/m fiction, it had all been under the table and you didn’t tell anyone. Now, not too many years later, we were competing on an equal playing field with all genres and genders and it was all good.

So enjoy my wee story. It’s available here at the Riptide table or from all the regular eBook outlets. Here’s the Amazon link.


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