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Dipping in my toes? Moi? I dove right in!

Thinking of dipping your toes in the self-publishing waters? Why not do what I did? Jump in with both feet!

I released 4 books in September, and, boy, is my brain tired! I went from newbie to expert in a single month!

So if you like fun, quirky male/male stories, pop over to your fave etailer and check out my books. Or find more info here.

4 launched+coming soon


The best t-shirt evah!

If you aren’t following Passive Guy, you really should be. T-shirt post herea4.

Here are his t-shirt suggestions to be worn by successful self-published authors.

Wit & Grit Co.

I finally came up with a company name for my author-publishing adventures. Since my tagline is the same for both my Gina X. Grant and my Storm Grant pen names–Quirky fiction that’s pretty, witty and gritty–I decided on…

logo 2 solid white background








This morning, I registered the business with Service Ontario. So it’s officially official!

Now to actually publish something.

Soliciting YOUR input!

Storm Grant’s New Books…
After much tweaking, I’ve pulled together a proposed schedule and details for self-publishing 4 backlist books + 1 new one. AND COVERS! (Note: I’m about to purchase the stock art, so if you have input, speak now, please.)
All are light male/male, some contemporary, one urban fantasy and one historical/paranormal.

Title Word Count Genre Tagline Proposed Pub Date
Tart & Soul 15,000 Contemp. It’s a business doing pleasure with you. Feb 1
Shift Happens  85,000 UF A change is as good as a quest. Feb 19
Lust in Translation 9,000 Contemp. Can false arrest lead to true love? March 1
Gym Dandy 56,000 Contemp. A gay tale of seduction and denial, humor and sweat. March 14
Re-Inventing Love~NEW! 45,000 historical, paranormal,  New adult The road to love is paved with good inventions. April 1

All 5 covers

All input welcome!

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