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Another 5-star review for RE-INVENTING LOVE!

Another 5-star review for Re-Inventing Love, this one from fellow m/m author Sarah Madison. That’s high praise indeed.

I just finished reading Storm Grant’s steampunk M/M romance, Re-Inventing Love. What a delightful story! The leads had delicious chemistry in their mutual bonding over science and were adorable in their geekiness. I especially appreciated the real difficulties they had in pursuing a relationship due to the laws of the time and the censure of society. So frequently in romances, the conflict keeping the lovers apart seems manufactured, but in this case, there were multiple, layered reasons for why Jasper and Max tried to ignore the attraction between them.

I also enjoyed the fact that the women characters in supporting roles were, each in their own way, remarkable for their strength and intelligence. The world-building was sublime, with a subtle combination of many of the interests of the day, including spiritualism and scientific invention. The historical detail was cleverly woven into the story as well. I’m a fan of the television show, the Murdoch Mysteries and thought Re-Inventing Love had that sort of vibe to it, so I was tickled when the author mentioned in the end notes that the show had been an inspiration for the novel.

Just when I thought I was reading a charming story about two men finding love after being betrayed and disappointed in their lives, the story took a dramatic turn that had me glued to the pages to find out what happened next. I wasn’t disappointed! This is my first Storm Grant story, but it won’t be my last.

Thank you so very kindly, Sarah.


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