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“My chest tightened painfully…”

Heart Place~Book 1

When life had given me lemons…


Dead or alive or somewhere in between…

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No, not any any Amazon or Goodreads list. (Yet! The book doesn’t come out till June 17) But a very astute (meaning one who liked my book) reviewer listed me as #1 on her list of …

Top Ten books when you need something light and fun

(Okay, so she says “in no particular order,” but look. It clearly says #1 next to my awesome book cover.)

1)   reluctant reaper  The Reluctant Reaper by Gina X. Grant has to be mentioned, because I’m sure I’ll find it on my kindle if I’m in need of a good laugh, some hot romance and lots of wordplay! I have rarely laughed so much while reading! It is also a quick read, which is sometimes just as important as the humor and the romance if I’m feeling a little down. I will check out other books written by her as well – that’s how much I loved this one!

Thank you Lexxie!

I am keeping her entire list because she obviously has excellent taste. Or at least taste similar to mine.



And the final Cover Reveal for ESPRIT DE CORPSE!

By now you’re hearing the stripper music, right? My work here is done.

Here’s the cover of the third book in the RELUCTANT REAPER trilogy. I’ve written Book 4, but not yet sent it to my editor at Simon and Schuster.

Esprit de Corpse Cover Final~Smaller

As mentioned, you can preorder from any of the usual outlets, from Amazon to iTunes.

Blurb coming soon.


Will THE RELUCTANT REAPER become your guilty pleasure?

An encouraging and well-balanced review.

This novella is a campy romp through Hell.  It is not however the fire and brimstone realm of woe and torture bemoaned by clergy the world over. The Hell we have here is one made up of contracts, waiting lines, cross-dressing ferrymen, and reapers to-die-for.
The best things about this book are:
1.  Characters
2.  The Setting
3.  The Campiness

The worst things about this book are… (Read the rest here.)




Do you hear stripper music in your head every time you see the words “Cover Reveal?” Oh, just me then. Hmmm.Reluctant Reaper Cover Final~Smaller

So so soooo excited about the awesome original artwork that Simon & Schuster has provided for my Reaper series.

Here’s a look at Book 1 of the series, THE RELUCTANT REAPER.

And just FYI, it’s okay to pre-order it now!

Other pre-order links in the upper right hand corner of my WordPress blog.

Cover Snip-Tease!

Can’t post the cover art yet, but it’s going to be awesome. Here’s a wee snip that’s going to make a great Facebook and Website banner.

Reaper series cover teaser

Not-my-real cover. Let me show it to you: Now with 100% more scythe.

I’m (im)patiently awaiting cover art for my Reaper series.

Yesterday, Alex Beecroft shared a faux cover she’d made for fun.

As soon as I saw it, I had to make my own. (And you can, too.)

Surprisingly, it’s not the time-waster you’d think. Took me only a few minutes to make the cover, below.

So not-my-real cover. Let me show it to you: Now with 100% more scythe.

RR1 pulp cover

THE RELUCTANT REAPER now has back cover copy!

Cover Art Coming SoonWell, obviously an eBook doesn’t have a back cover, but we now have the wording that will appear on the various etailer and promotional websites. It might vary by a word or two when you see it online, but here’s what my editor and I came up with:

The Reluctant Reaper
Tagline: Death is what happens while you’re making other plans


Kirsty d’Arc is enjoying life, until someone she trusts hijacks her soul in this first installment of The Reluctant Reaper series. To escape Hell’s inferno and gain revenge, Kirsty must partner with the very Reaper who scythed her—hunky dead poet Dante Alighieri. 


Life for Kirsty d’Arc might not be perfect, but it’s far from hellish. She likes her job, has a great BFF and truly admires Conrad, her boss. But when she dives in front of a lunatic’s blade to save him from certain death, she finds out Conrad isn’t so admirable after all. In fact, he’s traded her soul to the Devil!

While her body lies comatose on the Mortal Coil, Kirsty’s spirit is dragged straight to Hell…which is not quite the fire-and-brimstone abyss she’d expected. In fact, the place is quirky, wacky, and not without charm. Desperate to reunite body and soul before her time runs out, she seeks out allies, earning the friendship of a powerful drag demon, a psychic server and most importantly, Hell’s civil servant. But what of her growing attraction to Dante, the sexy Reaper with a flair for romantic language—can she forgive him for scything her soul?

Stuck in the netherworld, Kirsty vows she’ll do everything on her postmortem bucket-list, starting with getting her life back and ensuring that Conrad has Hell to pay!

– – –

What do you think? Interesting? Sound like fun?

And should you be interested, it’s available for pre-order, at all the usual sites. Here’s one.

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