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After my encounter at the dog park with the poor woman who may have escaped from the nearby mental health facility, I didn’t feel much like promo’ing my new book yesterday. But now I do.

As the title says, Book 2 of The Reluctant Reaper series debuted yesterday.

Beware the stapler of dooooom!!!

Beware the stapler of dooooom!!!

Here’s what people are saying so far:

Scythe Does Matter makes… a perfect afternoon summer read, and fortunately for us, there isn’t much time to wait [for Book 3]. ESPRIT DE CORPSE comes out on August 19th— I’m anxious to see what Kirsty gets herself into next! ~Review by Kate at All Things Urban Fantasy

Scythe Does Matter is a light and very humorous read. You simply must read the first one though so that you appreciate Kirsty’s situation fully and get more insight into this crazy world. ~Review by Vilia on

[Scythe Does Matter introduces ] Some new characters… I think Kali is my favorite. After all, she’s the Goddess of Death and Destruction who wants to be a Reaper. ~Review by Shelley on Goodreads

Here’s where to buy it:

Simon & Schuster


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