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Anyone know what these are for?

At Sunnybrook dog park, I saw a bunch of these little mesh bags tied to branches of something I think might be called jewelweed. It has little orange, orchid-like blooms.

First, the bags would be empty, then they’d have something in them–I couldn’t tell if it was a bug or a seed.

Anyone know about these things?


A flock of phlox and an eyeful of irises

More dog park flowers:

a flock of phloxan eyeful of irises








And a real creepy tree.

Creepy tree

The march of the Snappers

Snapping Turtle~Sunnybrook~May 2013Each year about this time, the snapping turtles emerge from the creek at the dog park, somehow climb up the steep, man-made embankment and slowly creep across the path to the swamp. This one was making good time since she was there on our way into the park, but gone by the time we returned.

She was about the size of a Frisbee–a big honkin’ Frisbee with a beak that’ll snap your little doggie toes off.

Billie! Get away from that. It’s not a short, green, slimy dog.”

Whew! At least she sniffed its tail end and stayed away from the dangerous part!



Fractured dog lyrics

No, it’s not my dog that’s fractured, it’s my brain. Sure, you do it, too. Sing customized songs to your dogs and cats, right?

This morning at the dog park, the dogs disappeared for a few minutes. Upon their return, I could tell they’re flouted my, “No swamp!” edict.

Here’s what inspired the song. Billie doMuddy Buddyes not usually have dark brown shading around her left eye.

The Bad Billie Song (sung to the tune of Queen’s “We Will Rock You.”)
“You got mud on your face,
Big disgrace,
Wagging your tail all over the place.
We will, we will walk you.”

Okay, just me then.






More spring flowers

Taken at the dog park this morning (while I was wearing gloves and a hat. Again!)

Here’s a jack-in-the-pulpit. You hardly ever see these although we’ve got a few in our backyard. They came with the house. Like trilliums, if you pick them, they never grow back.

Next, some tiny violets, and finally, a third type of trillium that is neither white nor scarlet like the other two I posted.

Jack in the pulpit May 2013 Violets May 2013 pink trilliums May 2013

Spring Flowers…finally!

I took these this morning at the dog park behind Sunnybrook hospital.

I googled “Ontario Spring Flowers, mottled leaves” and apparently this is a trout lily (Erythronium americanum).

Trout Lily (Erythronium americanum)








Then two of the five kinds of trillium: White and Red:

white trillium  Scarlet Trillium

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