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You looking for me?

I just updated my conference schedule for the balance of 2014. If you’re going to be at any of these, please give me a shout so we can meet up. (And btw, I got all my lovely long curls cut today, so look for lovely short curls instead!) Warning: Selfie! (Isn’t that a great mirror? We go that at a demolition sale of a wonderful old house in Rosedale.

new haircutLuckily, Gina X. Grant and Storm Grant only take up one seat or we wouldn’t be able to attend all these awesome conferences and conventions. If you followed my Mexican exploits in February where AC lost my luggage for 4 days, you’ll know I am now traveling only with carry-on, so don’t look for me to have my amazing wardrobe with me.

Coming up…

April 17 to 20, I’m attending RainbowCon for the first time. I can’t wait to see people I’ve only met online prior to this.

October 16 to 19, GayRomLit in Illinois. I should have books by then!
Then crazy me, I’ll be flying directly form Chicago, to Florida for my first NinC Conference, October 22-26.

November 14 to 16, I love SFContario, another book-based sci-fi con held right in downtown Toronto.

And you can always find me at…

The Toronto Romance Writers (TRW), which is the Toronto chapter of the Romance Writers of America (RWA). Why not drop by? Your first meeting’s on us! Schedule here.

I’m also a member of the Sisters in Crime (SinC) Toronto chapter and attend as many meetings as I can there, too. C’mon by. $5 a meeting.

Every April, I attend Ad Astra, an annual book-base convention right here in Toronto, Canada.

Any other suggestions for me?


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