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Going Both Ways: Best Bi Short Stories Anthology (Review)

The Best Bi Antho got a great review from Heroes and Heartbreakers. Best Bi

The reviewer, Victoria Janssen, did a nice run down of some of the stories, including what worked for her and what didn’t. She, ahem, only quoted one story:

The anthology starts off with a hilarious interlude by Storm Grant, “Dual Citizenship.”

“So.The Mountie. Something queer about him?” I say finally, careful of my wording. It’s hard to ask when the rule is “don’t.” As in “Don’t ask. Don’t tell.”

Grandy harrumphs. Won’t meet my eyes directly either. He’s probably wondering about the two holes in my left earlobe. “Well, I think I can say for pretty sure that he’s…” Grandy pauses, searches for the right word, then does meet my eyes, “…Canadian. You don’t have a problem with… Canadians, do you?”

“No sir. Got a cousin who’s… Canadian. Not a problem.” I fail to mention I’ve…been to Canada a few times myself since splitting with the ex-wife.

I’m honored to be part of this groundbreaking anthology. Thanks to Sheela Lambert, for her tireless efforts to get us published, to Cecilia Tan and Circlet Press for giving it a home, and to Victoria Janssen and Heroes and Heartbreaks for the terrific review.


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