Good Inventions CoverThe road to love is paved with GOOD INVENTIONS.

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Previsouly released as “Re-Inventing Love” it was judged a FINALIST* in the prestigious Rainbow Awards: (*Books receiving an average rate of 30 or more out of 40.) “Re-Inventing Love was an entertaining and engaging read. The characters were very endearing and I loved Max’s distinctive voice. Storm created a very credible world and I was transported there every time I picked the book up. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.” It also won an HONORABLE MENTION.


When a ghastly lab accident traps respected inventor Jasper Hamilton in the spirit world, his loyal assistant Maximilian Grün must devise a way to bridge the gap between the planes of existence to reunite them in life and in love.

If you like imaginative plot lines, fast-paced storytelling and quirky characters, you’ll love Storm Grant’s sexy Edwardian steampunk featuring young inventors in love… set in a time when love between two men was a crime punishable by imprisonment or even death!

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Engineer and assistant inventor Maximilian Grün is in love with his employer, but he daren’t reveal the truth. It’s 1910 and if Canadian authorities learned of his homosexuality, they’d deport him back to Germany where the country of his birth would become the country of his death.

When promising young inventor and mathematician Dr. Jasper Hamilton expresses his own feelings for Max, the young German regretfully declines. He cannot risk their partnership, their reputations—their very lives!

Then a rival inventor sabotages their inventions. Jasper is caught between the physical and the metaphysical, reduced to atoms, and transported to the spirit plane! Max is devastated, deeply regretting his lost chances.

But Jasper manages to communicate across the aether, telling Max he must reverse the machine’s polarity. But without Jasper’s talent for mathematics, the calculations defeat him.

Can the would-be lovers bridge the gap between life and death to finally be together?



He steeled himself against his desire to grab the man and kiss him soundly. Instead, he settled for leaning even further into Max.

Max made no attempt to draw away.

They sat side-by-side. Was Max’s breathing quickening? But Jasper’s own thudding heartbeat and shaky breaths masked all other sounds. He cleared his throat again and pointed to the rough sketch on his desk.

“If we were to reroute the electrical current through an asbestos filter prior to it connecting with the element, we may be able to regulate heat without having to monitor it quite so vigilantly.” Jasper tapped the page.

Max leant forward, his shoulder sliding along Jasper’s own. “Ja. Yes. It could work. Not with the insulated wires you haff drawn here, but with…” He snatched up a pencil, scrawling quick, firm marks on the page.

Jasper relaxed. Tuning out the engineer’s words, he rode the cadence of the accented voice like a wave. He fought his smile, but lost. It was so good to have a partner on whom he could rely.

If only there was a way for them to be more than working partners.



I simply loved this story. That’s it–5 STARS. I’m done!
These men and woman are so entertaining…
So many different elements of this story. We’ve the science, the supernatural, cold, hard police investigating and of course sibling, family love.
I loved how we got to hear about the different inventions, how people react to them, how we take them for granted… as I’m sipping a cup of tea now.
All edge of your seat stuff. Excellent.
The ending could not have been better. Perfect HEA.
~Crystal’s Many Reviewers, Read the full review here.

I have to say that this was a truly well-written book. Ms. Grant was able to truly capture her readers with both an interesting and intriguing historical mystery and romance. It was apparent that a lot of research and imagination went into developing the characters as well as the story itself.

While most of the story centered around the building of the machine and the growing attraction between Max and Jasper, the romance seemed to play a background role to the overall plot. There was an excellent cast of secondary characters who brought the era to life, giving us a greater look into the time of 1910.

I believe fans of this genre will not be disappointed.  I definitely recommend Re-Inventing Love to those who like historical MM romances. ~BayouBookJunkies, Read the full review here.

Well-respected m/m reviewer Pixie mmgoodbookreviews says: “This is a brilliant steampunk story that is fascinating from the first page… I recommend this to those who adore steampunk, gentle love stories, brilliant characters, interesting storylines and happy endings.” ♥♥♥♥♥ 4 ½ Hearts. Read the rest here.

5 STARS FOR RE-INVENTING LOVE! “Whether you are a fan of historical novels, this is one story you won’t want to miss out on. It’s got a little bit of something for everyone. But mostly? It’s just plain wonderful. I highly recommend Re-Inventing Love by Storm Grant. Now I need to seek out and read other books by this author. What a treat.” ~Melanie M, of Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words. Read the rest here.

“Historical M/M romance fans, in particular those who like the early-20th century time frame as their setting, will enjoy this story…be sure to check out RE-INVENTING LOVE!” ~Making It Happen Book Blog, Full review here.

Brittany’s Book Review Blog says: “Storm Grant delivered a unique and interesting book. With a touch of the spiritual, a hearty dose of humor, the excitement of discovery and lots of heart, Re-Inventing Love was a whirlwind that kept me interested until the very last page.” Full review here.

Books2Blog reviewer says: “If you’re looking for a story of historic inventions and evil stealing wannabe inventors then this is the book for you.” 4 Stars! Full review here.

Romance meets science and the supernatural!
Having never read a steampunk book before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I got was a brilliant story that wove romance, science and the supernatural together seamlessly. ~Barbara on
I just finished reading Storm Grant’s steampunk M/M romance, Re-Inventing Love. What a delightful story! The leads had delicious chemistry in their mutual bonding over science and were adorable in their geekiness. I especially appreciated the real difficulties they had in pursuing a relationship due to the laws of the time and the censure of society. So frequently in romances, the conflict keeping the lovers apart seems manufactured, but in this case, there were multiple, layered reasons for why Jasper and Max tried to ignore the attraction between them. ~Sarah on
Re-Inventing Love was awesome! So impressed with Storm Grant’s writing ability – the characters each had back story and depth. And the historical science was so interesting! I love reading about those days when people thought they were modern…and they were for their time (how far we’ve come!). Re-Inventing Love deserves to find its audience so people can enjoy it as I did. An extremely impressive story! ~Lisa on Amazon

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