Gym Dandy


GYM DANDY: a gay tale of seduction and denial, humor and sweat.

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After a first kiss gone horribly wrong, out and outgoing personal trainer Victor Brighton settles for friendship with his handsome new client Douglas Newkirk. But is Doug in denial? Each time the boys get close, something or someone interferes: ex-wives, ex-boyfriends, bitchy bosses, the cable guy.

Victor and Doug’s charming love story is funny and angsty, touching on subjects both serious and humorous. It’s a little erotic and a lot entertaining, featuring clever plot twists, engaging characters, and a happy ending. There’s even a dog!

GYM DANDY: A male/male contemporary romance (previously published by MLR Press)

Full-length novel, approx. 250 pages. Available in digital and print formats.

“GYM DANDY is a delightful read that will make you laugh and smile and believe in romance again.” Greg Herren, author The Scotty Bradley Series


A “sparkling romantic comedy” Gym Dandy is a delightful romantic comedy… There is so much to praise here that it’s hard to know where to begin. First, the humor is perfectly balanced with the realism of the story. Gym Dandy offers the sort of humor that I crave and rarely get in my reading: realistic humor that derives from character interactions and believable misunderstandings. You know that dialogue is working perfectly when you the reader can hear them speaking in your mind like a soundtrack. What a riot it would be to sit behind them in a café somewhere and listen in on their conversation. We also get treated to a hot, explicit sex scene in the end! I highly recommend Gym Dandy. Val Kovalin, Obsidian Bookshelf

  4 out of 5 Fallen Angels Storm Grant delivers a story filled with drama, comedy, and romance in Gym Dandy. The one-liners in this book kept me in bouts of laughter. Victor took the English language on a few excursions and lost the battle, but what a battle it was. Doug and Victor both had painful past experience to get over. I really could understand Victor’s pain, and I understood why Doug had to get the shaft. But it doesn’t mean I wanted him hurt. It was hard to dislike either of these characters. Watching Doug’s transformation from caterpillar to butterfly was a wonderful experience. In addition, this is a sidebar for those of you looking for hot torrid sex in every chapter, don’t. Gym Dandy will deliver some action, a bit of suspense, enough drama to make you wish for a stress free life, and humorous events and conversations. There is sex, but not a great deal of it. For me, the nonsexual portions of the story were more than enough to keep my attention. Reviewed by: NeNe, Fallen Angels Reviews

 4 out of 5 Steaming Coffee Cups! I love the way the author has Victor narrating as he goes along in the story line. An interesting bit is how the chapters are listed and the play on words throughout with Victor deliberating misusing words just to get a rise out of Doug. Another charming detail is that we are given hints, but we do not find out until late in the game, what Victor is really doing at the gym. I am not giving it all away so I suggest checking it out and seeing if you can catch all the word play and all the bad puns yourself. 4 out of 5 coffee cups, Coffee Time Romance

4 out of 5 Nymphs! GYM DANDY is a humorous story of two men seeking that elusive something they are both missing from their personal lives. Strom Grant created a very impressive storyline with some surprising twists, heartwarming characters and a little intrigue that I enjoyed immensely. I loved the intrigue and the creative way the story flowed to a happy ending with a few surprises along the way. Nymph Rating: 4 out of 5 Nymphs, Literary Nymphs

3.75 out of 5 Stars  My recommendation ~ Gym Dandy is a good read, especially if you’re in the mood for a slightly left-of-centre romance. *g*. Guest Reviewer Kris, Jessewave

Elisa Rolle: GYM DANDY is a story that has many surprises, mostly good surprise. I really started this book convinced that, in a way or another, they would end out together; yes, maybe with some obstacles to overtake, but in the end together… and instead more I read and more I was unsure. Where exactly was the author going to? maybe what I believed was not correct? was it possible that the book had all another ending?… well, again, just the fact that she makes me wonder is a proof that ALL this story is original. Elisa Rolle


For a few moments, Victor let his inner bad guy savor the spectacle of Doug struggling to ask him out. It was petty of him, but he couldn’t help himself and briefly enjoyed this revenge against all the beautiful people who’d rejected him over the years. He was a fast wallower, though and felt adequately avenged before Doug had even finished speaking.

“I’m sure that someone like you must have dozens of—”

“Okay,” Victor interrupted.

Doug’s head snapped around to face Victor, and he saw him making final adjustments to his briefs—to what was in his briefs, to be specific—then whiplashed away so fast that Victor feared for Doug’s cervical safety. Victor ran a mental review of his first aid training: asphyxiation, bleeding, broken neck. Check. What was with this guy?


“Yeah. I said okay. What part of o and kay don’t you get?”

“Yes. Well, then. What are you hungry for?”

Hmmm, what indeed? Victor let his gaze travel up Doug’s body. The jeans were certainly an improvement over the crappy sweats. He pulled on his own jeans as he pondered the question. “There’s a new Thai place on Church.” Safe bet. There was always a new Thai place on Church.

“That sounds like an excellent choice. I don’t believe I’ve had Thai food before, although certainly everyone seems to… I’ll just wait outside, then. Right you are.” Doug fled Victor’s side just as a colossal naked man emerged from the showers.

Victor snickered at the spectacle that was Doug Newkirk’s hasty departure. Trying to head directly to the exit without looking at the other men in the change room, Doug careened off the freestanding bank of lockers, rebounded against the privacy wall and managed to catch his gym bag on the door handle on his way through. Victor shook his head hard. Had Doug just apologized to the wall?

The locker room door closed on the strap of Doug’s gym bag, then it slowly creaked open again as a disembodied hand reached back in to liberate the trapped strap.

Still sniggering faintly, Victor nodded to the large and powerful-looking man now toweling off, one foot braced on the bench not far from Victor’s ass. Victor pulled on his other boot. “Hey, Danny.”

“Jeez, Victor. You sure can pick ‘em. He’s pretty enough, but I hope he’s less clumsy in the sack.”

“Yeah. Me too.” Victor stood to zip up. Checking the mirror one more time, he decided his hair was spiked to his liking, slung his gym bag over his shoulder and headed out to find the promising Douglas Newkirk.


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NOW AVAILABLE in eBook or print formats. Click here to check out your favorite online bookseller.

Like free books? Click here for free books and news delivered right to your mailbox.

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