What people are saying about Storm Grant’s books:

Review of Re-Inventing Love

I have to say that this was a truly well-written book. Ms. Grant was able to truly capture her readers with both an interesting and intriguing historical mystery and romance. It was apparent that a lot of research and imagination went into developing the characters as well as the story itself.

While most of the story centered around the building of the machine and the growing attraction between Max and Jasper, the romance seemed to play a background role to the overall plot. There was an excellent cast of secondary characters who brought the era to life, giving us a greater look into the time of 1910.

I believe fans of this genre will not be disappointed.  I definitely recommend Re-Inventing Love to those who like historical MM romances.


Reviews for Lost Boys 2.0:

GLOWING PRAISE FROM USA TODAY: “I loved the way Ms. Grant developed the nuances of this story. Lost Boys 2.0 is a character-driven book wrapped in an intricate plot that runs smoothly.” Read it all here.

Reviews for Few Are Chosen:

I really liked this author’s take on what it means to be the Chosen One. I thought their battle with the demon was hysterically funny, which was not a surprise for me, since this author’s humor so far always worked for me. I really liked how excitement and poking fun were mixed with awkward, but so adorable first teenage romance. Highly recommended. ~Sirius, on Jessewave

This story was so adorable. I absolutely loved it, and to be honest, I laughed my ass off. I haven’t ever read anything by this author, but I certainly will be reading more of her work in the future. I found the characters very charming and sweet, and I thought it was cool how she made the story contemporary and included a lot of pop culture humor. ~Jeff Erno, on Top 2 Bottom Reviews

“Oh my gosh, this was a total riot. Totally fit my geeky fangirl side.” ~Jayhjay, on Goodreads

My rating for this is an A! Storm Grant is an author known for nicely blending humor and romance and in her upcoming release Few Are Chosen that blend continues to be perfect. This may be a short story but it’s long on entertaining characters, witty dialogue, humor, and fast-paced action. From start to finish the reader is drawn in and on the edge of their seat to see if our heroes succeed. Ms. Grant has created a fast-paced and deeply satisfying story. The dialogue is witty and humorous and kept my eyes glued to the page so as not to miss a single moment. Blake and Shadow are a dynamic duo that drew me to them and I’m sure you’ll feel the same. I hope this is just the beginning of their relationship and implore Ms. Grant to return to this world as I’ll definitely be waiting with bated breath to read more about these young superheroes. ~Jody, The Scarf Princess on the Words of Wisdom review site

Reviews for Sucks & Blows:

Sucks and Blows is an absolute riot!  Totally unique and undeniably witty, Sucks and Blows is something else.  Take a step away from reality to enjoy this one of a kind story, a basic plot with characters and dialogue that has run amok.  If you need a good chuckle, check out Sucks and Blows. You won’t be disappointed.
Joyfully Reviewed by Lisa

Great story if you need a laugh, but not if you’ve been putting off a visit to the dentist. Horny dentist meets vamp with a fang-ache and pun-fest ensues. Yes, the tooth is out there! Clever and fun, and I enjoyed the unique characters.
EM Lynley on Goodreads

This is too funny. Full of (bad) puns, unlikely events and a dentist who thinks attracting vampires sounds like a good idea – until he meets his first one and has no idea that he’s just met the real thing. Very entertaining.
Serena Yates in Goodreads

Reviews for Shift Happens:

I could not put this book down, I even skipped dinner to I finish it! Adrian and Tom are fully fleshed-out characters that are quirky… and utterly adorable. The novel seamlessly weaves between the real world and the supernatural taking the reader on a wild ride filled with funny dialog, action, adventure and true love. But the most important selling point on why I enjoyed this book so much was the author’s wit and her ability to twist words into such humorous dialog kept me laughing throughout the entire novel. A truly delightful read. Storm Grant goes on my auto-buy list from this point forward! ” Read entire review here.
~ Lasha, Dark Divas Reviewer

Shift Happens is an action packed adventure. The plot is well written, as well as fast-paced. The characters are convincing. Shift Happens is a nail biting action thriller blended with enchantment, hilarity and sensual dreams. Storm Grant has created an excellent escapade that I thoroughly enjoyed.” Read entire review here.
~ Chocolate Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviewer

“This is a novel that masterly mixes together adventure, thriller, romance, but above all comedy: it’s not often that, while reading about drug dealers and dangerous situations, you find yourself laughing at some of the gags Adrian comes out with.” Read entire review here.
~ Elisa Rolle, popular romance reviewer

This witty and at times hysterically funny story takes the reader on an adventurous journey through a mystic AU Amazonian jungle against the backdrop of a low-keyed, serious message. This story was an original approach at the old shapeshifter theme, brimming with scurrile people, quirky ideas, wickedly hilarious incidents and brilliant word games. The worldbuilding was a stroke of genius. Both Adrian and Tom were great, memorable characters, full-fleshed with their own oddities. The story led both of them through considerable character growth towards an entirely satisfying and, in the context, believable ending. I was reluctant to leave them behind. I highly recommend this funny and entertaining read. Read full review here.
~ Feliz, Jessewave Guest Reviewer

What people are saying about Gina X. Grant’s THE RELUCTANT REAPER trilogy:

“Loved it! The heroine is spunky, the hero is darkly poetic, the setting is Hell, the supporting characters hail from just about every mythology. Grant’s writing is witty and relentlessly imaginative! She made me laugh out loud, yet touched me with Kirsty’s plight. Can’t wait for the next two installments.” ~Kate,

“…a really fun read! …the wordplay made me snort so often. If you want lots of good laughs and a sexy reaper, you should definitely pick this up!” ~Lexxie, Unconventional Reviews

“…exactly what one would expect from the illustration on the cover, goofy, quirky and wacky. I liked learning about the hell Grant created with all of its oddities. Plus, there are characters wandering around such as Loki and Charon, and I do enjoy a good mythology name-drop.” ~Kate, All Things Urban Fantasy

“Helluva fun read. I couldn’t help but smile as I read my way from one pun to the next.” ~ Charlotte Copper,

“I was looking for a quick and quirky read in the paranormal genre, but also wanted something different than anything I’d read before. The Reluctant Reaper… nailed it!” ~ K. Pittman, I Heart Books Reviews

“A fun ride through the afterlife. Grant is a writer who’s not afraid to be silly, and we all need a little silliness in life–or in death, for that matter.” ~Louisa,

“A ‘punny’ beginning to Kirsty’s after life.” ~Melindeeloo, Top 500 Reviewer

“Wacky travel guide through Hell.” ~Bookworm Dreams

“…a quick and fun read with characters I’ve grown attached to… I highly recommend this book as well as the previous one. My only complaint is that it isn’t long enough. I would have gladly slogged through another hundred pages or more. The third book can’t get here fast enough.” ~Scott M.,

“…a light and very humorous read. You simply must read the first one though so that you appreciate Kirsty’s situation fully and get more insight into this crazy world.” ~Vilia,



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