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Maybe It’s Time to Give Up

I needed this now. Maybe you do, too.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Cristian Bortes Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Cristian Bortes

I’m a voracious reader and easily go through about two books a week. I recently finished a Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth and it’s a really excellent book, though I’d like to expand on her ideas today.

Though I loved the book, there’s one assertion she makes that I completely disagree with. Over all the studies conducted, she claims that one can never have too much grit. That those who are not seeing the success they want aren’t exhibiting enough tenacity…which is true, but then again?


I think many of us have plenty of grit, we just have them with the wrong things. Successful people “give up” all the time. In fact, today we will talk about what we need to give up in order to gain.

We Need to Give Up On People

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What the Font?

A fontish primer.

Woven Red Author Services

“I’m a self-publisher. I have a great story with a beautiful cover. The content has been professionally edited and is as close to perfect as it’s going to get. Is there another way to make my print book stand out?”

Yes, absolutely.

From what I’ve observed, big publishers use standard font sets for most of the books they release.  If you’re a BIG NAME, you might get an interesting title page or headers.

Self-publishers can call on the expertise of their formatter to dress up a print book with fonts chosen just for you. But, fonts are more than a pretty face.

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Trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

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SG covers on ARe

What Does Your Formatter Need to Format Your Book?

This is so helpful. There’s even a downloadable checklist at the end of the article.

Woven Red Author Services

ID-100180143 Nothing to do with books, but… coffee!

The manuscript in a Word document and the cover.

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?

Until you look between the covers. Yep, pun intended. 🙂 Grab a book from your shelf and let’s go through it from front to back and identify all the things that your Friendly Formatter needs to give you a professionally formatted book.

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Interview with Gina X. Grant

You’ll want to read this!

Karen Blake-Hall

Good morning Gina. Thanks for stopping by. Would you tell us a little about your story SUMMER STALK,  in VILLAINOUS VACATIONS, A Collection of Crime Stories, and why you wrote it.

Thanks for having me today Karen. V VcoverEbookSMWhat if the person watching you 24/7 sees something they shouldn’t?

My story for “VILLAINOUS VACATIONS,” SUMMER STALK, is told from the point of view of a stalker. The mind of a stalker is a creepy, entitled place—they feel they have every right to be stalking the object of their desire, no matter what.

But Gina, how would you know what goes on inside the mind of a stalker?

Two ways. First. I was stalked. In fact, I was stalked by the best stalker ever and by that I mean I had no idea I was being stalked until years later when I ran into this man and he confessed.

I was young…

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How to Preview Your Epub File Before Uploading to Retailers

I’ve been using Dropbox to get them onto my iPad. This is simpler.

Woven Red Author Services

“Thank you for sending me the ebook files. But, if I can’t open the #$%@ things, how do you expect me to approve them?”

Lots of writers mutter this under their breath when their formatter sends them their ebook files and asks for their approval.

I’ve said it myself.

Lots of writers would cross their fingers and tell the formatter that everything was fine.

I’ve done it myself.

Then I figured out I could login in to the retailer, wait for my file to load, and use their previewer. Every single time with every single file.

Have you tried that?

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2 more chances to win!!! Right or Wrong.

Welcome Storm, Tell us a little about your new release, RE-INVENTING LOVE. PRETTY, WITTY AND GAY!   Thanks for having me here today, Kayden, to celebrate the release of my first historical novel, R…

Source: RE-IVENTING LOVE by Storm Grant


My pal Charlotte has a new book out and it looks awesome!

Charlotte Copper...

Its been an exciting few weeks. First The Daughter came home from university. (Yay, my movie-date is back home!). Then The Husband and I went to Italy for a week. (Yes, there will be a blog and photos coming.) This week I’m actually in Austin, Texas for work. (I haven’t done any travel with work in years.) And today….drum roll please….is the release of my sixth e-novella, LOVE SUPERNATURALLY.

Day after day…Life after life Day after day…Life after life

The blurb:
Cassandra Wilson, angel and first-year nurse, spends her days helping other people. Day after day. Life after life. While her best friend feels the young nurse needs a little love in her life, Cassie avoids serious relationships. She saw what her mother went through, and unless Cassie can find another angel to spend her life with, love and a family are not in her future.
An innocent night out with Fraser, a university junior…

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Please vote for Broken Soldier!

Please vote for my friend Jamie’s awesome book!

Jamie Lynn Miller

Broken cover 6x9 SMALL

Wow! Broken Soldier is up for Book of the Week at Love Bytes Reviews! I’m up against some stiff competition, so if you enjoyed my book I’d love your vote!

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