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The Reluctant Reaper series now available at the library

The Reluctant Reaper trilogy is now available at the Toronto Public Library and the Washington/Virginia libraries. But since it’s through Overdrive, you can request it be added. Takes a day or two.

Kirsty d’Arc is enjoying life, until someone she trusts hijacks her soul. To escape Hell’s inferno and gain revenge, Kirsty must partner with the very Reaper who scythed her—the hunky dead poet Dante Alighieri. Click for more…




The entire Reluctant Reaper series for $9.00

Whew. The weird pricing on is gone and you can once again by my Reluctant Reaper series for a reasonable price. Click HERE for more details. Click HERE to buy.


It’s outrageous to price a book like that!

Due to a glitch between Simon & Schuster and Amazon, my Reaper ebook novels are TEMPORARILY priced like print books. Ouch!

So if you took a look recently and thought, “Whoa, what is up with that?” Please be patient. It’s just a glThe Reluctant Reaper, pun-filled and award-winning. What's not to laugh?itch and they’ll be returned to their normal pricing soon.

This is only on, folks.

In the meantime, here’s the 3 fun graphics to entertain you. (Did you know you can get TWO free books for signing up for my newsletter? Click on the red box. Or go here.)

Reading order:
1. The Reluctant Reaper
2. Scythe Does Matter (Oh, yes it does.)
3. Esprit de Corpse

The Reluctant Reaper, pun-filled and sexy. What's not to love?Come save the worlds--all of them, with Kirsty and Dante. (Yes, that Dante.)


Scythe Does Matter

Happy Throwback Thursday. This week, for your reading pleasure, it’s Book #2 of The Reluctant Reaper series from Simon & Schuster: Scythe Does Matter.

Details here / Universal buy links here / Get a free Storm Grant book here


First person dead

It’s Book Quote Wednesday (#Bookqw) on Twitter. Today’s word is “Finger.” Here’s mine for Book 2 of The Reluctant Reaper series from Simon & Schuster.

Details here / Universal buy links here / Get a free Storm Grant book here


Reaper News for You!

Kindle Daily DealSimon & Schuster has arranged for THE RELUCTANT REAPER to be a KINDLE DAILY DEAL on March 4th! If you can hold off a few more days, you can have this fun-filled and pun-filled romp through Hell for only 99¢!!!

But then you’ve got to hurry. It’s only at that special price for one day!

BUT WAIT, THAT’S NOT ALL. I got my first video review! Mike from KillerBookMarketing says: “For a funny, entertaining read, I chose Scythe Does Matter by Gina X. Grant.  It’s the second book in the Reluctant Reaper Series:”

Or read his post here.

Thank you, Mike. I meet the nicest people on the Internet!

Defying Genres and Genders . . . for the Win!

In an unprecedented bit of think-out-side-the-box marketing, Pocket Star (Simon & Schuster’s digital first imprint) is promoting my Bookie Award win even though it’s with a different publisher and written under my Storm Grant pen name. It’s still the same fun urban fantasy so it can only reflect well on my Reaper books. But how cool is that?

You can read the article here, although it says you have to log in to comment. You can always comment here. Or on facebook.

Defying Genres and Genders . . . for the Win!

by Gina X. Grant / Storm Grant

FEW ARE CHOSEN is a humorous, young adult, multi-cultural, LGBT, paranormal, character study with a strong romantic subplot. All in less than 15,000 words!

Sound like an eclectic genre mash-up? It is! But it works. Works so well that it just won “Best YA Short Story of 2012” in the prestigious Bookie Awards. (The Bookies are “the first industry awards nominated and voted for by readers and bloggers alone!”) Each year they’re presented at the Authors After Dark convention attended by several hundred authors, readers, bloggers and industry professionals.

I’m honored and privileged that readers liked my book enough to nominate it. I’m blown away that it won! I love that a LGBT title took first place in a non-gender-specific category. Written under the pen name Storm Grant, FEW ARE CHOSEN is published by Riptide Publishing.

Intrigued? Wondering what I can do for my next act? You’ll want to check out THE RELUCTANT REAPER SERIES, now available from Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Star digital first imprint. It’s first and foremost humor, but it’s also an urban fantasy, a paranormal romance, and a character study starring a new adult heroine who will be 25 forever!

It’s also rather sexy. Here’s a taste:

At some point in his many, many centuries of existence, someone had taught this boy a thing or two. I’d been afraid that he couldn’t possibly live up to my fantasies and expectations. But he did. And then some. The Earth moved. So did Hell. And possibly some of the furniture. In fact, the sex was so good that even the neighbors had a cigarette!

So, if you like that, check out the series rundown…. here:

Reaper Series Reading Order:

Book 1. THE RELUCTANT REAPER, Death is what happens while you’re making other plans.
Book 2. SCYTHE DOES MATTER, Be careful what you wish for, it just might get you!
Book 3. ESPRIT DE CORPSE, Hell is where the heart is.

Both Storm Grant’s and Gina X. Grant’s books are available at all your fave etailers,

– – –

Remember that FEW ARE CHOSEN is currently on sale for $0.99 at Riptide, while THE RELUCTANT REAPER is freeee!

FACsale_newsletterThree final


BOOK 1 IS FREEEE! #TheReluctantReaper

To celebrate today’s release of Book 3, Esprit de Corpse, Simon & Schuster is making Book 1, The Reluctant Reaper, free this month.

Go forth and download. But be prepared to laugh!

Three final


5.0 out of 5 starsLeaves me wanting more” July 24, 2013

This review is from: Scythe Does Matter (Kindle Edition)

I read the first 50 pages the day it came out and then I got distracted.
Today I finished the last 127 pages in a little over two hours.
It was a quick and fun read with characters I’ve grown attached to.
In the first book the main character Kristy was just getting into the grove when the book ended. In the sequel she is all in and ready to do.
I highly recommend this book as well as the previous one. My only complaint is that it isn’t long enough. I would have gladly slogged through another hundred pages or more.
The third book can’t get here fast enough.


Thank you, Scott M!
Beware the stapler of dooooom!!!

Beware the stapler of dooooom!!!


After my encounter at the dog park with the poor woman who may have escaped from the nearby mental health facility, I didn’t feel much like promo’ing my new book yesterday. But now I do.

As the title says, Book 2 of The Reluctant Reaper series debuted yesterday.

Beware the stapler of dooooom!!!

Beware the stapler of dooooom!!!

Here’s what people are saying so far:

Scythe Does Matter makes… a perfect afternoon summer read, and fortunately for us, there isn’t much time to wait [for Book 3]. ESPRIT DE CORPSE comes out on August 19th— I’m anxious to see what Kirsty gets herself into next! ~Review by Kate at All Things Urban Fantasy

Scythe Does Matter is a light and very humorous read. You simply must read the first one though so that you appreciate Kirsty’s situation fully and get more insight into this crazy world. ~Review by Vilia on

[Scythe Does Matter introduces ] Some new characters… I think Kali is my favorite. After all, she’s the Goddess of Death and Destruction who wants to be a Reaper. ~Review by Shelley on Goodreads

Here’s where to buy it:

Simon & Schuster


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