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Whether you are a fan of historical novels, this is one story you won’t want to miss out on.  Its got a little bit of something for everyone.  But mostly?  It’s just plain wonderful.  I highly recommend Re-Inventing Love by Storm Grant.  Now I need to seek out and read other books by this author.  What a treat.

Thank you, Melanie M, of Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words, for the lovely and insightful review.

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Thank you, Crystal’s Many Reviewers for the 5-star review! I’m so glad you enjoyed my first historical, RE-INVENTING LOVE.

I’m blown away and grateful for the positive words and thoughtful reflection. Here’s a few lines.

I simply loved this story. That’s it–5 STARS. I’m done!

These men and woman are so entertaining…

So many different elements of this story. We’ve the science, the supernatural, cold, hard police investigating and of course sibling, family love.

I loved how we got to hear about the different inventions, how people react to them, how we take them for granted… as I’m sipping a cup of tea now.

All edge of your seat stuff. Excellent.

The ending could not have been better. Perfect HEA.

* * * Read the full review here. * * *

NOW AVAILABLE at all your fave etailers:,, Kobo, iTunes, AllRomanceEbooks, MLR Press.

Best Review Evah!

I’m trying to grab some “pull quotes” or pithy little sound bytes from Molly Lolly’s review, but damn it, it’s all so good I’m posting the entire thing here. Don’t believe me? Read it on their review site.

There’s also a fun interview with me. Molly asks some excellent questions.

This was such a lovely story. I loved how the inventions were described throughout the book. They took on a life of their own and made for some great laughs and wonderful aspect of the story. The humor involved with the inventions had me laughing at the worst moments. Like riding the train home and having people stare at me as if I were crazy.

Max and Jasper were such sweethearts. They both overcome so much to get to where they can be together and live without fear of someone ruining everything. While you see more of Max’s background on page as it directly relates to the story, you definitely learn about Jasper’s past. It’s wonderful watching these two dance around each other as they slowly figure out if they can risk showing their feelings. Those emotions come through so clearly on page.

Max is a character you can see grow throughout the story. He is so strong as he deals with everything life throws his way. You can’t help but admire him. Jasper initially comes off as the absentminded professor type. But he’s so much more than that. He’s a gentle soul but with a core of steel that will do everything in his power to protect those he deems worthy. And it’s generally those around him that are less fortunate in some way, whether by social class or other tragedy.

Watching Max and Jasper let their minds run away with them as they ponder new ideas and potential inventions was fascinating. It held the hope of that generation where inventions ruled society. Yet there was also a subtle undercurrent of things wrong with the day. Between tensions rising in Europe, social class hierarchy still firmly in place, and the negative attitude towards women, minorities and LGBT specifically, you get this push and pull of society that is on the brink of huge things. While the story is definitely an alternate history of sorts, Ms. Grant does an amazing job portraying the feelings that were prevalent of the beginning of that century.

Part of me wants more stories in this world because it was such a pleasure to read. Yet there’s not really anything left unanswered and I fear another book would ruin this one in some way. However if one is written I will gladly read it. Stars: Four

Interview with Gina Storm Grant.

Here’s some of the fun inventions of the day.

toaster Thor washing machine~no ad Comet_fire_extinguisher_02A

BayouBookJunkies say RE-INVENTING LOVE “truly well-written,” “interesting and intriguing”

You can trust Bayou Book Junkies. When they like something, they say so. And here’s what they said about RE-INVENTING LOVE: (Emphasis mine.)

I have to say that this was a truly well-written book. Ms. Grant was able to truly capture her readers with both an interesting and intriguing historical mystery and romance. It was apparent that a lot of research and imagination went into developing the characters as well as the story itself.

While most of the story centered around the building of the machine and the growing attraction between Max and Jasper, the romance seemed to play a background role to the overall plot. There was an excellent cast of secondary characters who brought the era to life, giving us a greater look into the time of 1910.

I believe fans of this genre will not be disappointed.  I definitely recommend Re-Inventing Love to those who like historical MM romances.

And here’s the full cast:
Full cast

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Another 5-Star Review for RE-INVENTING LOVE!

Another 5-star review on Amazon. You will definitely  Re-Inventing Love.
Romance meets science and the supernatural!
Having never read a steampunk book before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I got was a brilliant story that wove romance, science and the supernatural together seamlessly.
New to the m/m world? Then this book is for you with its sweet love story between Max and Jasper, fellow inventors in 1910, who were faced with imprisonment or even death if their relationship were to be discovered. And that secrecy and air of the forbidden added another level to their story.

I was so impressed with Storm Grant’s research into the time period and inventions that actually existed back then and being able to incorporate the supernatural element of Max and Jasper’s “Relocator” so that it was completely believable.

I loved that Max and Jasper were fully fleshed out characters with interesting backstories. I also enjoyed all of the supporting characters, including the villain of the story, Doctor Smythe.

All in all, Re-Inventing Love was a great introduction to both the steampunk and m/m world and most definitely worth a read!

Thank you, Barbara. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.
NOW AVAILABLE at all your fave etailers:,, Kobo, iTunes, AllRomanceEbooks, MLR Press.
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Another 5-star review for RE-INVENTING LOVE!

Another 5-star review for Re-Inventing Love, this one from fellow m/m author Sarah Madison. That’s high praise indeed.

I just finished reading Storm Grant’s steampunk M/M romance, Re-Inventing Love. What a delightful story! The leads had delicious chemistry in their mutual bonding over science and were adorable in their geekiness. I especially appreciated the real difficulties they had in pursuing a relationship due to the laws of the time and the censure of society. So frequently in romances, the conflict keeping the lovers apart seems manufactured, but in this case, there were multiple, layered reasons for why Jasper and Max tried to ignore the attraction between them.

I also enjoyed the fact that the women characters in supporting roles were, each in their own way, remarkable for their strength and intelligence. The world-building was sublime, with a subtle combination of many of the interests of the day, including spiritualism and scientific invention. The historical detail was cleverly woven into the story as well. I’m a fan of the television show, the Murdoch Mysteries and thought Re-Inventing Love had that sort of vibe to it, so I was tickled when the author mentioned in the end notes that the show had been an inspiration for the novel.

Just when I thought I was reading a charming story about two men finding love after being betrayed and disappointed in their lives, the story took a dramatic turn that had me glued to the pages to find out what happened next. I wasn’t disappointed! This is my first Storm Grant story, but it won’t be my last.

Thank you so very kindly, Sarah.


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Another 5-Star Review for RE-INVENTING LOVE!

I might run out of exclamation points over Re-Inventing Love!

From Lisa on Goodreads. (Also posted to Amazon.):

Well, I finished Re-Inventing Love. It was awesome! So impressed with Storm Grant’s writing ability – the characters each had back story and depth. And the historical science was so interesting! I love reading about those days when people thought they were modern…and they were for their time (how far we’ve come!). And the history of the inventions we all take for granted — loved it! It reminded me of the TV show “The Knick”. I watched the first season and loved it – back when operating on people was new and hygiene was optional.

Re-Inventing Love deserves to find its audience so people can enjoy it as I did. An extremely impressive story!

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5 STARS! You’ll like it!

A lovely 5-star reviews for Re-Inventing Love. I think it’s safe to say now that it just might be the kind of book people like–the kind of book YOU’LL LIKE!


Review by Chantelle. Chantelle’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! This is the first book that I read from Storm Grant. You will fall for Max and Jasper. If you enjoy m/m fiction, then this story is for you. Can’t wait to see what Storm’s next book is. Keep up the good job!

Yay! Thank you so much Chantelle! If you want to review anything else of mine, it’s yours for the asking.

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The first review is a 5-star!

Over on Goodreads, the first review of RE-INVENTING LOVE is in. Five stars. Thank you, Tee.

She says: “In this great adventure story you will be taken into a science world like no other.”

MaxAnd who’s up for a sexy excerpt? (In order to capture the feel of the era, the language is a little more flowery than my other books.)

Max suspected he was falling in love with his employer. He wished it might be otherwise, but he found himself helpless to stop the headlong rush into dizzying joy. He promised himself he’d never act upon this new feeling and granted himself permission to enjoy the unrequited longing—from a distance. Although most days that distance was negligible as they labored side-by-side at the desk and workbench.

Their fingers touched, their shoulders pressed together. Max knew Jasper’s scent as well as his own. The smell of good, clean sweat combined with lithium-based lubricants had been known to give Max a most embarrassing erection right there in the lab! Flushed and blushing, he’d rely on his heavy leather apron for concealment.


The guy in the picture? Is Max Green, assistant inventor. Once a promising engineer, he was forced to flee Germany  when reports of his homosexuality reached the authorities. Oh, no! What will happen to Max?

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