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How to save your wrists from typing


Do your wrists hurt from typing? Arthritis? Carpal Tunnel? I have the answer.

My physiotherapist said I should get a wrist support, but all the ones I’ve looked at still have me holding my hands at a slightly up-turned angle. But by hacking off a piece of a pool noodle, it forces me to curve my hands down.

It’s quite comfortable and couldn’t be cheaper. I just used an X-acto knife to cut a piece the length of my keyboard.

If you google Pool Noodles (aka Water Logs), people have come up with all sorts of fun life hacks. Here’s a few now:

Six Silly But Clever Uses for Pool Noodles

And this guy is tres serious about his pool noodles. (video) 

And then there’s me, aging writer with wrist problems… and now a cheap solution.

My wrist position without the noodle vs. my wrist with the noodle. Note the change in angle.




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