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Welcome to the jungle

For Throwback Thursday, here’s book 1 of the Borderless Observers Org. series, SHIFT HAPPENS.

Shape-shifters, shamans and spies, oh my!

Available now at all your fave booksellers: / Kobo /AllRomanceEbooks


All up on a graphic ‘n’ stuff…

I participated in Book Quote Wednesday (#bookqw) for the first time. The theme was the word “Voice.”


Nobody Wants to Read your Sh*t (And what you can do about it.)

This morning, I re-wrote the dark moment/all is lost scene in UNPLUGGED even though yesterday I’d declared it done.

Why? Because I’ve been listening to this awesome free book. BUT… It’s only free till the end of June, then it’s back to nearly $10 on Amazon just for the ebook. Me? I converted it to text and had VoiceDream read it to me while I walked the dog. Awesome learning and an entertaining read.

I’ll be checking out his “War of Art,” too, when I get the chance.



Joel Friedlander calls SHIFT HAPPENS’ cover “fantastic!”

I submitted the awesome cover art for SHIFT HAPPENS, designed by Willsin Rowe, Coverage Designs, to marketing guru Joel Friedlander’s monthy cover round-up.

Here’s what I wrote: “Readers tend to expect male/male books to be erotic romance. SHIFT HAPPENS is a more of a paranormal action adventure. To address this, we used illustration rather than photos. The author name and rainbow bar are used across all my books to indicate GBLT themes and my branding.”

Here’s what Joel had to say:

“Fantastic illustration style for an ebook cover, I’d love to see more like this one.”

Awesome right? I know!

But then he added: “I can understand the rainbow is important to your branding, but it’s on the border of intrusive.”

And that surprised me. We’re not talking art here, we’re talking marketing. It’s a sales tool. It’s packaging. The convention for m/m romance is to show two men on the cover, often of the naked-torso variety. Not all, of course. Established authors can move into other designs, but I wanted it easily recognizable. Hence the rainbow.

And when all the books in the series are lined up, each one uses the same sparkly background picked out in a strong colour from the rainbow. I think they look awesome and that it works as a marketing tool. The bright colours and use of illustrations rather than photos makes them stand out among GBLT covers. What do you think?

3 BOO covers

How to get ahead of the game!

Lost Boys 2.0 releases tomorrow! It’s Book #2 in the Tales of B.O.O. series. (But it stands alone.)

GLOWING PRAISE FROM USA TODAY: “I loved the way Ms. Grant developed the nuances of this story. Lost Boys 2.0 is a character-driven book wrapped in an intricate plot that runs smoothly.”

And I completed the first draft Mysterical yesterday. It’s Book #3!

I’ve even got a cover: Ta da!

3 BOO covers

You could vote…

My pal’s book cover is up for an award. Check ’em out here. You don’t have to vote for Joan’s, but you might want to check it out. Exceedingly user friendly voting system. Go here to vote:

Above Scandal

Soliciting YOUR input!

Storm Grant’s New Books…
After much tweaking, I’ve pulled together a proposed schedule and details for self-publishing 4 backlist books + 1 new one. AND COVERS! (Note: I’m about to purchase the stock art, so if you have input, speak now, please.)
All are light male/male, some contemporary, one urban fantasy and one historical/paranormal.

Title Word Count Genre Tagline Proposed Pub Date
Tart & Soul 15,000 Contemp. It’s a business doing pleasure with you. Feb 1
Shift Happens  85,000 UF A change is as good as a quest. Feb 19
Lust in Translation 9,000 Contemp. Can false arrest lead to true love? March 1
Gym Dandy 56,000 Contemp. A gay tale of seduction and denial, humor and sweat. March 14
Re-Inventing Love~NEW! 45,000 historical, paranormal,  New adult The road to love is paved with good inventions. April 1

All 5 covers

All input welcome!

Check out death!

This week’s quote from THE RELUCTANT REAPER. (Available June 17!!!)

See what death has on offer




Dead or alive or somewhere in between…

Brimstones Book1


















From The Quote Factory


And the final Cover Reveal for ESPRIT DE CORPSE!

By now you’re hearing the stripper music, right? My work here is done.

Here’s the cover of the third book in the RELUCTANT REAPER trilogy. I’ve written Book 4, but not yet sent it to my editor at Simon and Schuster.

Esprit de Corpse Cover Final~Smaller

As mentioned, you can preorder from any of the usual outlets, from Amazon to iTunes.

Blurb coming soon.


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