Peeping Tom or Burglar Casing My House?

Someone trespassed my property and peered in my windows this week—footprints in the snow tell me it was a man with large feet. He opened the gate, climbed the deck stairs, walked the length of my wrap-around deck, and checked things out. So I call Bell Security to get video, and they tell me I never set up my cameras properly, so tough luck. I’ve been paying a monthly fee for these for over a year. I spent ages on the phone Wednesday setting the cameras up, only to have to call back Thursday because the camera under the deck—the most likely break-in spot—still wasn’t recording. Now I get an email, a text alert and a lock-screen alert every time the dog goes in AND out, and when a squirrel runs across my lower patio. But I’m not changing that. I’m entitled to 6000 clips a month. So be it. I won’t get into Bell’s nonsense around my cell phone. #BellCanada nonsense.

In addition, I’ve been battling with Manulife over monies not paid to me from the CoverMe policy I pay for. I was promised—in writing—that someone would call me. No one has. Yesterday, I get a message from my other Manulife account—the one I got from Canadian Tire when I retired, that I owe them money. Jeez, Manulife. You owe yourself money. Just get the one to pay the other and leave me out of it. I have canceled my CoverMe policy with them.  #Manulife sucks

BUT WAIT…THERE’S ALSO GOOD NEWS. Yesterday, I booked my shuttle online to get me from Mexico City Airport to my rented apartment in San Miguel de Allende 4 hours away. When I got the confirmation email, I realized I’d filled it out wrong. I emailed them back. Then…THEY CALLED ME. FROM MEXICO!!! A lovely, English-speaking man called to make sure I got what I wanted. Because I’m travelling alone, the cost for a car doubles (US$75 each for a minimum of 2 people, so US$150 if it’s just me). Instead, we’ve booked me on a bus/taxi combo, which is US$85. But if someone else books that day (which always happens), they’ll switch me and let me know. The van holds 8 so even if a family arrives around the same time I do, there’s room for one more. And it’s all confirmed in an email that arrived 5 minutes after the call. Now that’s customer service.




About Gina Storm Grant

I'm a writer and upcycler. I have 14 books published under 3 pen names: Storm Grant, Gina X. Grant, and Gina Storm Grant. I rescue found furniture from the curb, as well as one oversized Mexican Street Dog named Canoli.

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  1. Okay, I’m officially freaked out for you over this peeping Tom stuff! I’m glad your cameras are fixed. Do they also come with motion-detection lights? So sorry you’re having insurance issues. Boy, I can sympathize with that! But yay for some good news with your Mexico trip!


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