Nano on track…

Day 13 and I’m just under 24,000 words. If I can keep this up, I shall win at Nano. If I fall short, I’ll still have a really great first draft. I’m 1/3 of the way into the 2nd act, so a little less than halfway, storywise, right on track word-count wise.

Go, me! And everybody doing Nano ever!

Here’s an inspirational meme to keep up going!


About Gina Storm Grant

I'm a writer and now, a newbie upcycler. I have 12 books published under 2 pen names. I've taken a 2-year hiatus from writing while I re-purposed my life, but the more I rescue furniture destined to become landfill, the more I feel inspired to write a new book. After all, I gotta do something while waiting for the next coat of paint to dry. Stick with me while I figure out the differences between chalk, milk and mineral paints, which stripper removes shellac and sticky stuff, and whether I want to do stencils, tansfers or decoupage. Oh, and which one is the drill and which the power screwdriver.

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