History, science and sex… with a bit of the metaphysical tossed in for fun.

Brittany’s Book Review Blog says:

“Storm Grant delivered a unique and interesting book. With a touch of the spiritual, a hearty dose of humor, the excitement of discovery and lots of heart, Re-Inventing Love was a whirlwind that kept me interested until the very last page. Full review here: http://bit.ly/BrittanysBookBlog-ReinventingLove

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Thank you, Brittany’s Book Blog for everything you do to bring readers and writers together.

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About Gina Storm Grant

I'm a writer and upcycler. I have 14 books published under 3 pen names: Storm Grant, Gina X. Grant, and Gina Storm Grant. I rescue found furniture from the curb, as well as one oversized Mexican Street Dog named Canoli.

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