2014 vs 2015 vs 2016

In 2014, I was tremendously productive. I wrote new books, re-wrote old ones, learned how to self-publish, including formatting, hooked up with an awesome cover artist, opened a business, opened author accounts at all the major etailers, attended conferences, joined Weight Watchers and read books. In the end, I’d lost 15 lbs. and self-published 8 books!

all SP covers as one

In 2015, however, I wrote the first draft of a YA contemp book, and edited a gay historical. I wrote a couple of YA shorts that need more work. So in fact, I have pretty much nothing to show for 2015.

I think one of the differences is that in 2014, I set goals: yearly and monthly. I also goaled daily with my friend Joan Leacott.

In 2015. No goals. In fact, after I raced through the first draft of UNPLUGGED, I gave myself permission to relax. And I think I fell off the productivity wagon.

The day I left the full-time job in 2010, I made a point of keeping the nine-to-five schedule. Every day I walked the dogs, did non creative stuff in the morning, then wrote new words or edited existing words all afternoon. In the evenings I socialized, watched TV and read. In 2014, I restricted myself to 2 hours of TV a night.

But since around April, I’ve watched a lot of TV, and written not much in the way of new words.

I also gained back all the weight I lost in 2014. So in retrospect, 2015 was not my year. But don’t get me wrong. I was happy enough. I entertained visitors, was a guest at cottages, and toured China. I lost my dear old dog, Billie. I have a couple of big, ongoing issues in my life, counterbalanced by having a lot of good friends.

I’m hard on myself. But I also know about re-filling the well.

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, but I do set goals. And sometimes goals set themselves. My sister-in-law lent me a beginner yoga DVD on Boxing Day. I’ve done yoga 4 days in a row–25 minutes of much-needed stretching. My muscles ache now from use, not from disuse–somehow it’s a much healthier pain. And while the yoga itself is difficult, making myself do it… is not.

Here are some goals I’m setting for 2016: The first one I’m working on this very minute–to return to blogging. You all want to hear my every thought, right?

So… my goals for 2016:

–Blog regularly.

–Finish 3 short YAs for various purposes. Two are drafted, one is still in my brain.

–Get back to UNPLUGGED. My agent probably expected it months ago. Let that be motivation for me.

–I will get another round of edits on RE-INVENTING LOVE, the gay historical. Hopefully that won’t take me another five weeks to do. (The first round was painful–I think I committed the cardinal sin of submitting before it was quite ready.)

I anticipate being done with all of this by June. My rule of thumb, however, based on years of experience is… if I think this will take six months to do, double it. Oh, look. I’ve got goals for 2016.

Let’s get productive!


About Gina Storm Grant

I'm a writer and now, a newbie upcycler. I have 12 books published under 2 pen names. I've taken a 2-year hiatus from writing while I re-purposed my life, but the more I rescue furniture destined to become landfill, the more I feel inspired to write a new book. After all, I gotta do something while waiting for the next coat of paint to dry. Stick with me while I figure out the differences between chalk, milk and mineral paints, which stripper removes shellac and sticky stuff, and whether I want to do stencils, tansfers or decoupage. Oh, and which one is the drill and which the power screwdriver.

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