Joel Friedlander calls SHIFT HAPPENS’ cover “fantastic!”

I submitted the awesome cover art for SHIFT HAPPENS, designed by Willsin Rowe, Coverage Designs, to marketing guru Joel Friedlander’s monthy cover round-up.

Here’s what I wrote: “Readers tend to expect male/male books to be erotic romance. SHIFT HAPPENS is a more of a paranormal action adventure. To address this, we used illustration rather than photos. The author name and rainbow bar are used across all my books to indicate GBLT themes and my branding.”

Here’s what Joel had to say:

“Fantastic illustration style for an ebook cover, I’d love to see more like this one.”

Awesome right? I know!

But then he added: “I can understand the rainbow is important to your branding, but it’s on the border of intrusive.”

And that surprised me. We’re not talking art here, we’re talking marketing. It’s a sales tool. It’s packaging. The convention for m/m romance is to show two men on the cover, often of the naked-torso variety. Not all, of course. Established authors can move into other designs, but I wanted it easily recognizable. Hence the rainbow.

And when all the books in the series are lined up, each one uses the same sparkly background picked out in a strong colour from the rainbow. I think they look awesome and that it works as a marketing tool. The bright colours and use of illustrations rather than photos makes them stand out among GBLT covers. What do you think?

3 BOO covers

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  1. What do I think? That he has no idea what the word “marketing” means. Intrusive?? HOW? I want him to explain that remark. It’s a part of your header and it’s a brilliant idea. It gets across it’s a gay romance without having to show two half naked men. I wish I’d thought of it! He obviously has no experience in the m/m world or doesn’t like that genre so he finds the rainbow intrusive. I wouldn’t put any stock into his comments.


  2. I think he was thinking about pretty vs. sales. But he usually gives extremely worthwhile advice and content so I’ll continue to be a fan. There were dozens of covers submitted so it might have been overwhelming. He’s not familiar with our genre and that would make a difference.


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