I’m a tri-brid author!

So what’s up with me?

I’m about to be officially a tri-brid author. Yes, I did make up that word. It means I’m:
1) e-published,
2) traditionally published, and
3) about to go indie (self-published.)
I’ve got several backlist books returned to me as well as two brand spanking new books I’m editing.
Here’s a comprehensive list:

TITLE Word Count Genre Tagline Status Links

GBLT books by Storm Grant

1 Re-Inventing Love 60,000 Steampunk historical, new adult, gay romance with paranormal elements The road to love is paved with good inventions NEW–to be e-published Coming soon!
2 Lost Boys 2.0: Book #2 in The Chronicles of B.O.O. series 66,000 New adult, gay, contemporary, paranormal multicultural mystery with romantic elements A man trapped between life and death must partner with Secret Agent Peter Pan to save a new generation of Lost Boys. NEW–to be self-pubbed Summer 2014 Coming soon!
3 Shift Happens: Book #1 in The Chronicles of B.O.O. series 80,000 Contemporary Fantasy m/m–Won a Rainbow Award A change is as good as a quest. reprint–to be self-pubbed Summer 2014 Coming soon!
4 Tart & Soul 15,000 Humorous m/m contemporary It’s a business doing pleasure with you. reprint–to be self-pubbed Summer 2014 Coming soon!
5 Assume the Position (formerly “Lust in Translation”) 9,000 Sexy, humorous m/m contemporary Can false arrest lead to true love? reprint–to be self-pubbed Summer 2014 Coming soon!
6 Gym Dandy 56,000 Humorous m/m contemporary A gay tale of seduction and denial, humor and sweat. reprint–to be self-pubbed Summer 2014 Coming soon!
7 Dual Citizenship 1,000 Humorous m/m contemporary Putting the “B” in LGBT! Available in the Best Bi Anthology Available from Circlet Press Link
8 Sucks & Blows 4,500 wacky urban fantasy No greater love has a vampire than for his dentist. Available from Riptide Press Link
9 Few Are Chosen 13,000 urban fantasy, multicultural, YA–Won a Bookie Award Sparks fly between virgin teenage demon hunters when the Chosen One turns out to be… the Chosen Two? Available from Riptide Press Link
10 Be Prepared 1,100 m/m romance In the Coming Together with Pride anthology Available on Amazon Link

“Straight” books by Gina X. Grant / Storm Grant

11 The Reluctant Reaper: Book 1 in The Reluctant Reaper Series 62,000 wacky urban fantasy Death is what happens while you’re making other plans. Available from Simon & Schuster Link
12 Scythe Does Matter: Book 2 in The Reluctant Reaper Series 46,000 wacky urban fantasy Be careful what you wish for, it just might get you! Available from Simon & Schuster Link
13 Esprit de Corpse: Book 3 in The Reluctant Reaper Series 50,000 wacky urban fantasy Hell is where the heart is. Available from Simon & Schuster Link
14 One Scythe Fits All: Book 4 in The Reluctant Reaper Series 30,000 wacky urban fantasy So a Grim Reaper, an insane murderer and a 700-year-old poet walk through a portal. Stop me if you’ve heard this one. WIP Coming soon!
15 Creep 6,000 m/f erotic romance, horror Typical folk tale—only the narrator remains to tell the tale. Available from Excessica Publishing Link

Freeeeee! Stories by Gina & Storm

16 A Wolf in Cheap Clothing 700 Contemporary Fantasy A naked werewolf story Free! Link
17 Click Click 300 Autobiography An alarmingly abridged autobiography Free! Link
18 Continental Divide 1,200 Future History A future history of sorts Free! Link
19 Grapes 300 Contemporary Crime A dark tale of murder by inaction Free! Link
20 Lost and Found 750 Contemporary paranormal A spooky dog story Free! Link
21 Sea Monsters 750 Contemporary paranormal horror A horrific tale of seduction and body-snatching Free! Link
22 Wheels 175 Contemporary m/m not romance A sad tale of insecurity Free! Link
  PSSST. Stormy Stormheller’s fanfiction is available here: Sentinel, Due South, Stargate Atlantis, etc. Free! Link



About Gina X. Grant

Gina X. Grant writes ingenious plotlines with twists, turns and sometimes magic. She is represented by Rosemary Stimola, the agent who also represents the Hunger Games series. Gina’s RELUCTANT REAPER trilogy is available from Simon and Schuster’s Pocket Star imprint. She lives in Toronto, Canada, just blocks from the house she grew up in. She’s married to a friendly curmudgeon from a mining town in Northern Ontario. They have one rescued hound, Storm, named for Gina’s other pen name. Storm Grant—the writer, not the hound dog—writes engaging action adventure with two heroes. Since 2007, she has published with a variety of e-publishers and more recently, self-publishes. Gina’s and Storm’s books are available at all your favorite etailers, such as Amazon, Kobo and iTunes. Visit ginaXgrant.com or stormgrant.com to find out more.

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  1. hey Gina, for self publishing did you look into Amazon? My publisher no longer offers YA novellas…and therefore there may not even be much of a market period….but since I have one to go, I’m considering my options

    • Amazon is the key to a successful self-publishing endeavour. I’m toying with the idea of making at least one book Amazon-exclusive via Kindle Direct. Sorry about your publisher. Welcome to the exciting world of indie publishing.

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