Say it with me now! We’re fiction authors…

Thanks to the new the Quote Factory, a favourite phrase of mine is now immortalized forever…

Make Shit Up in Frame

It reads: “We’re fiction authors. We make shit up!” Something I’ve been known to tell authors who become too enamoured of their research or insist, “but this really happened!” It’s not about the facts, it’s all about the story!


About Gina Storm Grant

I'm a writer and now, a newbie upcycler. I have 12 books published under 2 pen names. I've taken a 2-year hiatus from writing while I re-purposed my life, but the more I rescue furniture destined to become landfill, the more I feel inspired to write a new book. After all, I gotta do something while waiting for the next coat of paint to dry. Stick with me while I figure out the differences between chalk, milk and mineral paints, which stripper removes shellac and sticky stuff, and whether I want to do stencils, tansfers or decoupage. Oh, and which one is the drill and which the power screwdriver.

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  1. Yes, I’ve been on the receiving end a time or three. And it’s always such a relief to realize the angsting was for naught.


    • Glad you took it in the spirit it was intended. Too many people cling to their research:

      Me: “You might consider combining your 8 soldiers into 2 or 3. It’s hard for the reader to follow.”

      Them: “But that’s now how it really happened. I’m writing exact history, except with werewolves on the front lines. And 2 moons. And conjoined fairy princesses. But there really were 8 soldiers.” o.0


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