radio angie babyWe’re coming into the home stretch now, counting down to #1.

For those just tuning in, every Monday till I’m done, I’m posting my top 10 list of THE STRANGEST SONGS EVER.

DISCLAIMER: Don’t get me wrong, some of these are songs I adore. They’re just either about strange things people don’t usually sing about, or they just don’t make any sense.

The list so far…

#10 was Elton John’s Madman Across the Water, because it makes no sense.
#9 George Harrison’s, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, because it’s about housework.
#8, today’s Strangest song is… Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves by Cher. Yes, let’s all sell our women-folk into prostitution.
#7, the awesome dance tune, proving ultimately parody-able, PSY’s Gangnam Style.
# 6 is on of my fave tunes of all times. It’s Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, on the list because we all wore those “Frankie says relax” T-shirts despite it being highly suggestive.

#5 is where they start to get stranger, still. I’ve chosen the Five Man Electrical Band’s Werewolf because instead of getting our son help, whether from a shrink or Dean Winchester, they chose to kill him instead!

My choice for #4 is Helen Reddy’s Angie Baby. It’s about a “special” gal.

The lyrics are fuzzy, but in summary, they ask the age-old musical question, is it okay to keep your attempted rapist as your own personal sex slave?

And why didn’t her father notice she had a sex slave in her bedroom?

Srsly? This? Was a #1 hit!

It appears to be a twisted, dark urban fantasy about a woman who’s considered “special” but apparently has a dark power to enslave using only the power of Top 40 hits as her weapon. Pow! Maybe I should make this my next book. If only I wrote dark instead of funny.

Angie Baby

Listen on YouTube as you follow along with these crazy, crazy lyrics.

You live your life in the songs you hear,
On the rock and roll radio.
And when a young girl doesn’t have any friends,
That’s a really nice place to go.
Folks hoping you’d turn out cool,
But they had to take you outta school.
You’re a little touched you know, Angie Baby.

Lovers appear in your room each night,
And they whirl you across the floor.
But they always seem to fade away,
When your daddy taps on your door.
“Angie girl, are you all right?
Tell the radio good-night.”
All alone once more, Angie Baby.

Angie Baby, you’re a special lady.
Living in a world of make-believe.
Well, maybe.

Stopping at her house is a neighbor boy,
With evil on his mind.
‘Cause he’s been peeking in Angie’s room,
At night through her window blind.
“I see your folks have gone away.
Would you dance with me today.
I’ll show you how to have a good time, Angie Baby.”

When he walks in her room,
He feels confused like he’s walked into a play,
And the music’s so loud it spins him around.
‘Til his soul has lost its way.
And as she turns the volume down,
He’s getting smaller with the sound.
It seems to pull him off the ground.
Toward the radio he’s bound never to be found.

The headlines read that a boy disappeared,
and everyone thinks he died.
‘Cept a crazy girl with a secret lover,
Who keeps her satisfied.
It’s so nice to be insane,
No one asks you to explain.
Radio by your side, Angie Baby.

Angie Baby, you’re a special lady.
Living in a world of make-believe,
Well, maybe.
Well, maybe.

[Song by Alan O’Day]



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Gina X. Grant writes ingenious plotlines with twists, turns and sometimes magic. She is represented by Rosemary Stimola, the agent who also represents the Hunger Games series. Gina’s RELUCTANT REAPER trilogy is available from Simon and Schuster’s Pocket Star imprint. She lives in Toronto, Canada, just blocks from the house she grew up in. She’s married to a friendly curmudgeon from a mining town in Northern Ontario. They have one rescued hound, Storm, named for Gina’s other pen name. Storm Grant—the writer, not the hound dog—writes engaging action adventure with two heroes. Since 2007, she has published with a variety of e-publishers and more recently, self-publishes. Gina’s and Storm’s books are available at all your favorite etailers, such as Amazon, Kobo and iTunes. Visit or to find out more.

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  1. Sheesh! Another creepy song! Makes you wonder what was going through Mr. O’Day’s head when he wrote it.

  2. Madman Across the Water’s supposedly about Richard Nixon.

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