New dog: Day 64

Stormy Day 64New dog Stormy and old dog Billie continue get along, although Billie, the female, is definitely the alpha. Stormy is happy to leave the decision-making to her. (Wish he’d convince Mr. Grumpy of that wisdom.)

At first I thought Stormy was the cleverest dog evah. He appeared to know nothing when we got him, but quickly learned “sit” and “come”. After a few panicky moments and one actual disappearance, he now walks close on the dog trails. I can safely take him off leash and not worry about him running away. That leaves my mind free to figure out what happens next in The Reluctant Reaper series.

Then puppy class started. The instructor warned us that the older a dog is, the slower he is to learn, well, new tricks. I was sure this wouldn’t be the case because he’d learned “sit” and “come” so quickly.

Three weeks of intensive training and he hasn’t learned “down” yet. So obviously, the reason he took to “sit” and “come” so quickly is that he must have known them before. I would love to know his history, but sadly, he was abandoned in a parking lot, unfixed and with tarter-covered teeth.

So sadly, Stormy isn’t the smartest bark in the park after all. But still very, very sweet and very, very cute. Especially with his newly cleaned teeth.



About Gina X. Grant

Gina X. Grant writes ingenious plotlines with twists, turns and sometimes magic. She is represented by Rosemary Stimola, the agent who also represents the Hunger Games series. Gina’s RELUCTANT REAPER trilogy is available from Simon and Schuster’s Pocket Star imprint. She lives in Toronto, Canada, just blocks from the house she grew up in. She’s married to a friendly curmudgeon from a mining town in Northern Ontario. They have one rescued hound, Storm, named for Gina’s other pen name. Storm Grant—the writer, not the hound dog—writes engaging action adventure with two heroes. Since 2007, she has published with a variety of e-publishers and more recently, self-publishes. Gina’s and Storm’s books are available at all your favorite etailers, such as Amazon, Kobo and iTunes. Visit or to find out more.

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