Awww! Poor Jazzy. Again!

It’s not enough that she’s 15, hard of hearing, has cataracts (I mean dogeracts) and her back legs are wobbly now. And she has cancer. She’s on meds for seizures, allergies and an underactive thyroid.

Yesterday, she limped a little in the morning so she didn’t get her hour-long run at the dog park that she still loves (and we are hard-pressed to keep up with her). Then around 2:30, I noticed blood running down her leg.

Another $200 later, the vet declares that she has a burst cyst. There’s some difficulty bandaging it because of the location, so they end up bandaging her from toe to shoulder. In purple. I’m calling her the doggie formerly known as Jazz.

Say it with me now: Awww! Poor Jazzy.

Nothing affected her eating, though, and she ate the last of Hobbes’ food this morning while he looked on soulfully.


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Gina X. Grant writes ingenious plotlines with twists, turns and sometimes magic. She is represented by Rosemary Stimola, the agent who also represents the Hunger Games series. Gina’s RELUCTANT REAPER trilogy is available from Simon and Schuster’s Pocket Star imprint. She lives in Toronto, Canada, just blocks from the house she grew up in. She’s married to a friendly curmudgeon from a mining town in Northern Ontario. They have one rescued hound, Storm, named for Gina’s other pen name. Storm Grant—the writer, not the hound dog—writes engaging action adventure with two heroes. Since 2007, she has published with a variety of e-publishers and more recently, self-publishes. Gina’s and Storm’s books are available at all your favorite etailers, such as Amazon, Kobo and iTunes. Visit or to find out more.

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