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You don’t want to miss this 1-day sale of Jamie’s books!

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Great opportunity to pick up my books at a discounted price!


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An Open Letter to White, Straight, Able-bodied Romance Authors

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A post worth reading. I always include diverse characters in my books because I live in a world with diverse characters.

Originally posted on Obstinate Headstrong Girl ~ author Renée Reynolds:

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My esteemed colleagues,

We have a very long way to go.

Most of us say “Diversity in literature is really important,” and/or “I am not racist/ ableist/homophobic,” and/or “Of course, I would buy a romance novel by or about a person of color/gay or lesbian/disabled person.” But when was the last time you did?

When was the last time you bought a romance by an author, or about a character, with a different cultural, historical, or physical experience than your own? About a person with a different skin color, nationality, religion? About a gay man or lesbian or transgender person? When was the last time you bought a romance with a physically or mentally disadvantaged hero or heroine? A novel about people who live in the margins?

When was the last time you wrote one?

Women are overlooked in myriad areas of publishing—book contracts, sales, awards…

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My books as PDFs–now available

Spent the day finding and converting Word files into PDFs. The problem was, I’d sort of deliberately deleted the Word files I’d used to create my EPUB and MOBI files. Long story.

It wasn’t till the final book that I figured out I could export backwards from the ever-awesome Jutoh program into Open Office (which opens in Word) and the entire thing went pretty flawlessly.

So anyway… while I do have a couple of books exclusively on Amazon while I experiment with KD and KU, three other full length novels and two short stories are now available as PDFs at AllRomance eBooks. For those who are prefer to read that way.

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I’ve got a Best Seller!

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Congratulations, Jamie!

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Got this great news today! Thank you all so much for making Out of the Shadows a Best Seller! Here’s the link to all my books at ARe (available in .pdf, .mobi and .epub). I recommend Burnin’ for You. :-)


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Harrington Park Press is back. Did you know that?

From their website: Harrington Park Press, previously the LGBTQ imprint of The Haworth Press (now part of Routledge/Taylor & Francis) is now re-launched as a specialized academic/scholarly print and ebook publisher devoted to emerging topics in LGBTQ diversity, equality, and inclusivity.

Huh. No idea when that happened, but I found out this morning when the Bill Cohen, Owner/Publisher, requested we connect on LinkedIn. Of course I accepted.

My very first sale was to Haworth/Harrington back in ’07. I’d submitted a short story to their then-acquisitions editor, awesome author and all-round great guy, Greg Herren, and he said the story was too long for his anthology, but would I consider expanding it into a novel for Haworth. I tried, but that particular story wasn’t expandable, so instead I offered him GYM DANDY, which he accepted. We got as far as a “coming soon” placeholder on the Haworth website when Haworth was acquired by Taylor & Francis. They only wanted the non-fiction titles and that left us fictioneers in limbo for a while.

Eventually, I got my rights back and sold the book to MLR Press, and more recently, self-published it. But I met some great people while we were trying to figure out what was going on with our books, including Toronto author Jeffrey Round who was very supportive of my stumbling efforts when I was just starting out.

So, huh. I don’t think I write what Harrington is looking for, but you might. Check ’em out.

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Taming the independent woman, I mean, shrew

I’ve been watching a cute little show called “Benched” about a high powered lawyer who for reasons unknown because I didn’t see the pilot, is now working in the public defender’s office.

She’s smart, dedicated, hard-working, attractive, well-dressed and certainly no pushover. I enjoyed the show till I began to grasp—after only 2 or 3 episodes—the overarching character arc is for the main character to learn to be likable. The fact that she’s competent, hard-working and successful is all well and good, but a woman should be all those things PLUS LIKABLE. Especially if, in the case of this show, she’s better at her job than her male counterparts.

She’s too driven, too competent. The other guys in her office (guys) are slackers. They’ve learned the system, they’re sure all their defendants are guilty, they play witty little games in court at their clients’ expense. She, on the other hand, works hard for her clients, but apparently for the wrong “moral” reason: She like to win. If I were her client, I wouldn’t care if her motivation to get me declared innocent was a $10 bet, I’d just appreciate her efforts.

Every day when she arrives at work, they all take pot-shots at her outfits. If something happens like she spills coffee on her outfit, they think it’s not just funny, but deserved. This, to me, is the very definition of hostile workplace.

A much more interesting character arc would be she inspires the jaded male lawyers to step up and practice some actual law.

The reason this troubles me is that several times lately within writing community, I’ve seen authors talking about “the taming of the strong woman” as a theme. Of course, they don’t realize that’s quite what they’ve said, but—sigh—they have.

I find this trend (is it a trend?) disturbing. Have we come only a short way, baby?

I won’t be watching “Benched” any more.

burn the beer

The problem w being productive is once t

The problem w being productive is once tasks you must do & tasks you like to do are done, you have to do the stuff you hate. #CrappyReward

Finished “short” synopsis. 3 single-sp

Finished “short” synopsis. 3 single-spaced pages is a bit long, but who cares? Tomorrow the blurb! #AmWriting

Dear Autocorrect. The remote is somethin

Dear Autocorrect. The remote is something I turn my TV on and off with. The Ramones are a punk group. Please stop confusing the two.

Right to Death, Live to Write

Do you ever find that things come to you exactly when you need them? No sooner had my agent said, “Everyone’s looking for YA contemporaries right now,” when writerly pal Sherry Isaac said something that triggered THE BIG HIGH CONCEPT (and later, more input that served to round out TBHC).

Then a friend of Mr. Grumpy’s called me to ask if I could help his friend get her book published. The friend turned out to be both awesome and a lawyer, just when my plot points needed legal guidance.

Then a flyer came through the door advertising a Town Hall during which the discussion topic would be PHYSICIAN ASSISTED DYING. Tragically, I know more about the politics of Westeros than of Ontario. So yesterday I did the most political thing I’d done since marching with pro-choice hero Henry Morgentaler back in the 90s.

I went. And I took notes. What a fascinating discussion. Our MP, Carolyn Bennett, a physician by training, began the town hall with an open forum on any topic. People asked a wide range of questions and she was eloquent, informed and passionate on every subject, whether it was about the other party’s behaviour, or the proposed use of the North-West Passage. Wow!

Then she intro’d two experts on the subject of Physician Assisted Dying, both reputable and knowledgeable persons from relevant organizations. In February of this year, the law preventing physician assisted dying had been declared unconstitutional and struck down. It leaves a hole in the legal system during which the status quo stands, but the system is charged with developing a replacement law by February 2016.

Me? I’m all for it. But that’s not what I want to get into here. I’m a writer, I was interested in the process of the forum.

Taking the highly emotional subject matter out of the equation, the discussion itself was fascinating to me.

Each expert spoke for 10 minutes, rationally, factually, obviously preparedly. But following the separate speeches, they were allowed to debate each other. Then the emotions came into play.

Although they were diametrically opposed on the yes/no of the issue, when they elaborated, they were surprisingly close on their reasoning.

The language they used was interesting. I wouldn’t call it spin-doctoring, since that has pejorative connotations, but each used language positive to their stance, which only makes sense.

Jack Pasht, Director of Dying with Dignity, used words like “end of life care,” “choice,” “dignity,” etc. Michael Bach, EVP, Community Living Ontario, used words like “interveners” and “suicide.”

While Jack was pro and Michael was con, they both shared all the same concerns, that other forms of care should be considered/accessed first such as palliative care and pain strategies. That the decision process must have checks and balances. Both sides were concerned about potential mis-use of the law, should it be granted.

If I were in charge, I’d let the Jacks of the world run things, but in active consultation with the Michaels. They need each other.

The Town Hall was held in a nursing home, so most of the attendees were seniors. The general consensus in the room was that people should be allowed to make their own choices, which more than mirrored the stated fact that 84% of Canadians are in favor of physician assisted dying. In fact, I heard nothing to the contrary.

I left before the comments got heated, but by that point, nobody had mentioned God or religion. I can’t help but wonder how Oregon and Washington managed to get it passed.

So for the first time in ages, I actually hold an informed opinion. YMMV.

I might attend more of these things.

.  This book was recommended. I might pick up a copy. LetMeDecide-coverfront




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