Going to the Fair. You should sign up for this writing course taught by fellow TRWers:

Have you ever considered writing a romance novel?

In a two-hour workshop on Sunday, November 16th, at 2:30 p.m., at Inspire! the Toronto International Book Fair, award-winning and multi-published authors Ann Lethbridge and Mary Sullivan will get you started by reviewing the genre, talking about the craft and answering questions about writing and selling romance.

Topics will include:

1. OVERVIEW OF THE INDUSTRY: sales statistics, sub-genres of romance, what is considered hot and what is not, defining the romance novel and how it differs from women’s fiction, how to find and target your market.

2. READER EXPECTATIONS: Happily Ever After, focus on the relationship, sensual tension vs sex, formula vs story, purple prose vs passion.

3. KNOW YOUR CRAFT: types of plotting, conflict, point of  view, world building, where to start, where to find resources that can help you move forward.

4. TODAY’S MARKET: traditional publishing, small press, self-publishing, publicity and promotion.

For information:!mg_ld=1732

To register:

GayRomLit 2014 – the Good and the Bad – a Newbie’s Perspective

Gina X. Grant:

Now I don’t have to write a con report because Jamie’s done it for me.

I didn’t have quite the same experience only becuase I attended as a reader, not an author. Plus I fangirled the awesome reviewers. I also had a lovely dinner courtesy of Riptide Publishing. Cat Grant my roommie and I had a great time.

Originally posted on jamielynnm:

GRL badge

Wow, what an interesting five days it’s been! I was attending the GayRomLit writers conference here in Chicago from last Tuesday night until Saturday night. It was the first of this kind of event I’ve ever been to and I came away with mixed feelings about it.

I was really hoping for workshop panels every day (like at the RWA Spring Fling conference), but those were only on the first day, and the majority of them were pretty basic, if you were just starting out as an author. So unfortunately I didn’t really get much out of those. Though I did enjoy the one on writing different POV’s.

Thursday was my busy day since that was the Supporting Author book signing and the Author Lounge. I’m totally kicking myself for forgetting to take a photo of me and my table set up to show you guys. I thought for sure…

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And now my books are on Apple iBooks, too!

Only hours after I ticked the little box, my books are all on Apple iTunes now, as well. Thank you, Draft2Digital!

books on itunes

Now on Nook! All my books!

Draft2Digital is really simple. As of today, all my books are on Nook at Barnes and Noble and shortly will be on Apple iBooks as well.


I also ordered proofs of hard copy from Createspace so not GRL, but next time you see me, I’ll have actual books in my hands!

Launch pic Oct

You had one job, Bell Canada. One job!

Bell’s phone people arrived last week to install a new phone pole. Which they chose to install DIRECTLY IN THE MIDDLE OF MY FRONT WALKWAY!!! Why not the flower bed 18 inches to the west?

Even once they take away the old one, nobody can get up or down my front walk.

You had one job BellI’ve talked to a supervisor, but I won’t be around to see if anything happens since I’ll be at the GayRomLit and Novelists Inc. conferences.

Really, Bell Canada? Srsly? You had one job…


Tangled Redemption Cover Reveal!

Gina X. Grant:

Fabulous cover for another book in a fabulous series. Well done, Tina Christopher!

Originally posted on :

I am very excited to share the cover for Tangled Redemption, book 4 in my Celestial Surrender series. It is a book close to my heart and releases October 22nd.


Here is the blurb:

Sydney Radnall is no man’s toy, despite fate’s attempt to make her just that. A kidnapping puts her at the mercy of a sadistic Feral commander. Being held prisoner is bad enough, but her Naema blood is powerful. In her current Vampiric company her presence is like ringing a dinner bell.

In an attempt to break the commander makes her the pet of two of his lieutenants. Miguel is one of the most dangerous men she has ever met, but she can’t stop the attraction blazing between them. Then there is Jayden, a Vampire who is as surprising as he is sexy. Two Vampires she should not be attracted to, should not want to surrender to…

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REVIEWERS: wear your files!

As a special THANK YOU TO REVIEWERS for all that you do for our community, I’ve produced these sexy black braceletsSpecial Reviewer Gift at GRL–that are also USBs!

So if you’ve ever reviewed one of my books, whether positively or not, find me at GRL next week and I’ll loop you up with one of these fun memory-bracelets so you can wear your files!

But I only have 23–so be sure to look me up right away. I’m not signed up as an official author, but I will be hanging with writerly BFFs Jamie Lynn Miller and Cat Grant who are.

Oh, and the bracelet just happens to contain an ARC of my latest book, Lost Boys 2.0, along with backlist and samples from all three of us: Grant, Grant and Miller. 

Is it GRL yet?

In case you can’t read the tag, it says:

Dear Reviewer,
Thank you for everything you do to bring readers and writers together.


Cover reveal – part 6 – final piece!

Gina X. Grant:

You can tell Jamie’s a graphic artist by trade, can’t you? Great cover. Great reveal!

Originally posted on jamielynnm:

Thought I’d do something fun this time around for my cover reveal for my new sci-fi novella. Each day this week I’ll reveal one puzzle piece at a time, along with a piece of the first chapter. By Friday evening you’ll have the full cover and the full first chapter of the book. Here’s the FINAL piece!

Stars puzzle 6


Hank furrowed his brow. “He’s an Alliance guy?”

“Not just any Alliance guy, the Alliance guy! His father built the StarDrive engine! Without that, we’d still be stuck on Earth!” Toby started to pace, hands flying around. “It’s my Holy Grail, for cryin’ out loud! It’s what I’ve been striving for since I joined the Alliance. To work on that engine and the Gemini project! And Cade…he’s a legend in his own right. The man’s amazing. Best test pilot in the Alliance. We will break that third barrier…

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New and improved

As I learn more about indie publishing, I go back and improve the eBooks I’ve created. Today I uploaded new and prettier files (content not changed) to Kobo, Amazon and AllRomanceEbooks.

I also uploaded to Barnes+Noble via Draft2Digital. Still waiting to find a friendly Mac I can borrow to upload to iTunes.

Then I headed over to Createspace. Hard copy coming soon!

Launch pic Oct

Cover reveal – part 4

Gina X. Grant:

Well, yes, it does appear to be a beach under the stars. Looks like Jamie is doing something interesting with her setting in this book.

Originally posted on jamielynnm:

Thought I’d do something fun this time around for my cover reveal for my new sci-fi novella. Each day this week I’ll reveal one puzzle piece at a time, along with a piece of the first chapter. By Friday evening you’ll have the full cover and the full first chapter of the book.

Stars puzzle 4


Toby sighed. “Tell me about it, sir. You’re a long way from Alliance HQ yourself. What brings you to the Keys?”

Flynn set a data pad down on the counter. “I’m actually here to complete my dive certification.”

Toby’s jaw dropped. “You’re kidding me! You’re looking at your instructor, sir.”

“Well I know I’m in good hands, then,” Flynn smiled warmly, holding Toby’s gaze and Toby felt a tiny flip-flop in his stomach. He swallowed and looked down, busying himself with the pad on the counter.

He touched the screen and flipped…

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